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Diego Anaya

The exhibition Rituales de Cenizas  by Mexican artist Diego Anaya presents works from his series Ashes + Origins. These works and their process are ceremonies where homage is paid to customs and traditions. Death for Mexicans is not a taboo, on the contrary, it’s a celebration of life itself and this body of work is dedicated to celebrate life and death.

Diego uses ashes to tell stories of those who had passed away. The process of each work is a ritual where the materials have a life of their own, where gestures, words, marks and lines inflect in the surface of the canvas and where objects offer the opportunity to be reborn. This exhibition is anchored in the mystical pre-Hispanic celebration of the day of the dead; offerings, candles, prayers and mezcal are present in a visual dialogue that awaken the conscience.

Diego AnayaDiego Anaya is a Mexican born visual artist based in New York. His work includes a wide and diverse range of mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpture and installation. Regardless of the genre they share a common goal, to explore the intricate relationships between soul, mind, love and life from a personal and a social perspective.

Diego was introduced to the art world through an apprenticeship at the studio of artist Guillermo Canseco in Monterrey, Mexico back in 2008. Diego has received numerous awards and residencies worldwide and has exhibited his work in the United States, Mexico, Taiwan, Ghana and Chile. This is his first residency and solo exhibition in Europe.

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Juliette Belmonte

Three Parts Human

June 1 — 22

“Jane with Shadow” Mixed media on wood panel 18 x 24 inches


Three Parts Human seeks to present characters from various times and locales and set them into a present and abstracted construct. Our human identities are drawn from our heritage and the stories of our ancestors, our perception of what we are in the present, and from what we think we could be. In short, our past, present and future selves.

Juliette draws inspiration from historical photographs, the people and situations in her own life, and from a rich imagination that was fostered in a childhood spent in Central America. She is drawn to people or faces who’s emotional story are written through expression or posture, allowing the viewer to draw conclusions on that story through the filter of their own history. The embellishments and found objects create physical layers and stand to represent the layers of self while also physically cementing the subject into the present.

Born in Costa Rica to a French mother and Argentinian father, Juliette was one of seven children in a large and adventurous family. She took to painting at a very young age, learning and working alongside her mother, who’s a successful artist in her own right. Her parents fostered and encouraged Juliette’s creativity throughout her young life and signed her up for her first official painting class at the age of ten. She has been studying painting ever since.

Juliette has studied at the Art Student’s League of New York, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She has shown her work extensively throughout North and South America and has collectors and is collected world wide. Currently, Juliette is exploring life in the American West and is living and painting amongst the old brick buildings of Denver, Colorado.

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