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Patricia Espinosa is a Mexican-born artist living in Frankfurt.

After a successful career in the Design & New Media Industries producing and directing award-winning projects for the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the United Nations, Patricia joined the Art Students League of New York in 2000. She has exhibited in New York since 2010, and had her first solo show at Soho20 – Chelsea in the spring of 2013. In recent years she has exhibited her work of  Loteria: Luck Talks (La Suerte Que Habla) in Mexico and Canada, which is now part of the permanent collection at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago, USA.

Patricia is the creator of Loteria: Luck talks (La Suerte Que Habla) a game and exhibition inspired by the traditional Mexican game of La Loteria Mexicana.  Loteria: Luck Talks features entirely new images that represents Patricia’s view of her native land. Her repertoire of images reflects her love for and belief in her native country, while denouncing contemporary issues related to the social and political conflicts facing modern Mexico. The cards are accompanied by coplas (riddles) written by Toronto-based Mexican-Canadian writer Martha Bátiz.

Patricia has also worked with non-profit organizations like the L&L Fund and its program Choose Creativity, as well as with Sing For Hope; both organizations strive to uplift people in need through the power of art and creativity.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Patricia was nourished by the vibrancy, passion and joie de vivre of Mexican culture. She spent her early years in Germany and later attended a German school in Mexico City with a rather rigid and disciplined work ethic. It was that day-to-day contrast that shaped her personality and to this day influences her development as an artist.

Patricia returns to Germany after 40 years, now with a family of her own. She lives in Frankfurt and works from her Atelier in Bockenheim.


America’s Teddy Bear

Patricia Espinosa
438 foam bullets on window
1,60m x 1,40m 2018


The staggering number of school shootings in the United States is on the rise, and so are the victims, which in recent years have mostly been children. More disturbingly, the majority of school shootings have been carried out by teenagers. The average age of the attacker in school shootings is fifteen. Under current U.S. law, an eighteen-year-old in America can purchase a military-style gun before he can legally buy a beer. Real guns, it seems, are just as easy for kids to get their hands on than toy guns.

Each foam bullet was shot into ALAS (Atelier & Art Space ) gallery’s window using a military-style-modeled toy gun. The 438 foam bullets correspond to the number of children and adults that have been shot during school shootings since 2012. The foam bullets with the names and ages of the victims represent the 138 lives lost.

Performance of America’s Teddy Bear at Isola Galerie – Art Brut in Bockenheim, FFM


Pandora’s Box

Painted bubble wrap on wood structure
2,10m x 2,20m x 2,10m  2018


Patricia Espinosa

Works with Bubble Wrap  | Werke mit Luftpolsterfolie


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Martha Bátiz and Patricia Espinosa in Glendon Gallery, Toronto Canada 2016

Universidad de las Américas – Puebla, January 2016

IG + Facebook: @laloteriaopina