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Yoon Cho

YOON CHO: The Desert Walk Series

Window Display    June 8  –  July 2

Yoon Cho “Where has Dodo Gone?” 2016, 24 x 36 inches

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The Desert Walk Series explores the connection with our environments by featuring America’s diverse desert landscapes with superimposed digital drawings of various biological life forms over the image of the artist walking. The project explores the cycle of life and the co-existence of humankind with our surroundings. Cho works with an assistant who presses the shutter after she sets up the precise camera composition in different desert locations. The graphics of biological life forms such as cells, pollen, reproductive organs, embryos, and skeletons in the sky tell a story of interconnection with the earth.

Yoon Cho’s work explores identity by examining the relationships between individuals and their environments though performance, photography, video and digital drawing. The necessity to adapt to new places deeply impacted her to examine the connection with our surroundings. Growing up in Korea and living in many different cities from the metropolis of New York to suburban Texas, Cho has learned about nuances beyond the obvious differences in each location. Through her daily observations of these subtleties, she became increasingly interested in depicting matters that we are aware of, but which may not be physically visible. In Cho’s work, she utilizes the simple silhouette drawings as clues to visualize these invisible themes.

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About Where has Dodo Gone?
Archival pigment inkjet print, Walk performance by the artist. Photo taken in Eureka Dunes, Death Valley, California, USA
The picture addresses climate change by depicting our survival in the barren sand dunes with drawings of extinct, endangered animals and human fetus over the photograph taken in Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, California. It asks a question. Are we on the verge of human extinction brought by the self-destructive activities or can we turn it around?


Yoon Cho, “We Have Traveled Afar” 2016, 24 x 36 inches
Archival pigment inkjet print, Walk performance by the artist. Photo taken in Death Valley, California.
Superimposed digital drawings of elongated umbilical cord over the image of the artist walking during a desert storm in Death Valley. The drawing is based on the photograph of her son’s birth.