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Pandora’s Box

Until May 16 | Bis 16 Mai

Patricia Espinosa
Painted bubble wrap on wood structure
2,10m x 2,20m x 2,10m  2018

German (PDF)

Our world is full of noise, constant noise generated by all sorts of events. Disturbing events such as mass killings and gun violence happening not only in war zones but in our own neighborhoods and schools that intensify the roar. We also live among other, unconsciously muted sounds that dwell within ourselves: weeps, laughs, sobs, screams, whispers; our accumulated emotions resulting from past experiences, good and bad.

It was the combination of our world’s roar and my own deep-neglected sounds that led me to open my own Pandora’s Box. And just like in Greek’s mythology, once open, out came ills, wounds, guilt, fears and constrained emotions.

The Pandora´s Box displayed at ALAS – Atelier & Art Space, is the result of that personal experience that begged for peace and quietness.

Come, enter and “open” Pandora´s Box. Uncover and arouse its noises: appease-, break-, touch-, cover them… destroy them. But also take a moment and listen carefully. It is a space to reflect, to contemplate and find the one thing that –according to the legend – was left behind and that can possibly return the harmony and much needed silence back to our lives.

Capturing Gisela’s quiet time inside Pandora’s Box


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